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Some Arts and Crafts for Guerrilla Marketing

We are in the process of renting a place for our exhibition, but it’s been quite tricky.

We need the place to be decided so we can make our installation on the set and figure out the sound settings, etc.

So instead our group decided to work on Guerrilla Marketing.

Guerrilla Marketing is a way of advertising about a project on a smaller scale. So instead of hanging the posters up, since we don’t have an exact place, we decided to advertise about out project around the campus.

We first started to make little flyers focusing on the phrase, “Fanning the Flame”.

We also decided to write on the leaves too, hoping that we’ll give people subliminal messages of our project.


Here is Dionna talking about ideas.


Tori, Natalie, Dionna and Burke are discussing about the design of the project.


Lyle is working on writing on the leaves.


Seth is working on the sound design of our project.


Tori, Natalie, Burke, and Dionna are working on the actual production of the flyers!


This is Kate, Dionna, and Burke searching for good leaves to write on.

Photo Oct 27, 6 00 54 PM

This our product for our flyers!

We posted them around the campus.


These are our leaves, that we plan to disperse this week.


Here is an example of what the little flyers look like around the campus.


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